Thank you for choosing Home Professors!  Please schedule your inspection in the form below or call (678) 805-1266 if you need assistance.

Home inspections start at $395 and will vary depending on the specific details of your property.  For instance, larger houses will cost more since they take longer to inspect.  The price will update when all of the information is entered and you can review everything before finalizing the appointment.

Price List
Home/Condo/Townhouse Inspection Starting at $395
Commercial Inspection (Call 678-805-1266 for pricing and scheduling)
Radon Test Add On +$145 (Savings of $50 vs Standalone Test)
Mold Test Add On +$295 (Savings of $100 vs Standalone Test)
Radon & Mold Test Bundle Add On +$390 (Savings of $200 vs Standalone Test)

Standalone Services (Select this option if you need a Radon or Mold Test but are not having an inspection performed)
Standalone Radon Test (without Inspection) $195
Standalone Mold Test (without Inspection) $395

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